Brand Discovery

Is your brand a true reflection of your business?

Does your brand work hard enough for you?

Are you asking yourself the right questions about how your business performs?


Maybe it’s time that your company took advantage of the LRD Brand Discovery© process.

LRD is a full service creative agency and we have a process and a way of working that produces engaging, revenue-generating, 
image-enhancing BIG IDEAS for our clients. And the starting point is always you, the client, your business, your culture, your challenge. 

Brand Discovery© is a research and familiarisation process that looks for that underlying truth about your brand, the key insights about your business and how well your brand meets the needs of your customers and its ability to meet your business objectives. 

This process helps us to develop a clear focused brand proposition for your business to support your communication strategy.

LRD’s Brand Discovery© is a three-day process that will actively involve you, after all you are the experts in your brand. We’re just here to unlock its potential.


Into your customers, into you and into your competition.


We’ll analyse and present the key outputs from the insight session and how we can use these to establish the foundations of your brand proposition.


How do we project your brand forward to where you want it to be? How do you want to be perceived and why should a customer believe that you can meet their needs. 

We will deliver a single statement, a proposition, that encapsulates the essence of your business, that is motivating and engaging to your customers and distinctive from the competition.

This proposition is a focused reference point for all future communications, it can also guide product/service development and can motivate internally as well as externally.

This proposition will be presented to you as part of a summary document in stage 4 that contains the information to support it’s creation: your brand attributes, values, tone of voice, customer DNA, tone of voice, positioning statement, mission statement and vision statement.

The Brand Discovery© process aims to help you define your communication objectives, the creative development and expression of your proposition and, in some cases, helps to identify the areas of your offering that may require further development. 

The key to maximising the opportunities is to digest the information and to then set up a separate workshop with the agency to drive out the communication strategy and produce a focused campaign brief that will help in the creative development process. 

If you're eager to get going and distill your brand contact Tom Robertshaw today on 01481 750490 or email