Win Win

Many businesses recognise the sense of committing to a project that ‘gives something back’ to their local community. Many understand that having a corporate conscience and undertaking actions that further some social good within their marketplace can also be good for business. 


But how many have analysed the effectiveness of their initiatives? CSR should serve as a guide to the ethics of your company and what it represents for its consumers but it should also aid an organisation's commercial mission wherever possible. 


LRD has a track record in Corporate Social Responsibilty. We were the matchmakers that brought the team of sponsors together to launch Guernsey FC and have been behind some of the most successful CSR projects in the Channel Islands – The Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards, the Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary (both of which have celebrated 25 years), The Mourant Art Prize, The 2e2 Castle Swim, The Sportingbet Marathon, and The Guernsey Dairy Milk Run.


We have a process called LRD Win/Win CSR© which examines the nature of your business, your workforce, your standing in the community, how you communicate with it, and the CSR activity of your competitors. 


With your help we explore the link between CSR and competitor advantage and develop strategies that deliver a ‘win win’ for both your business and your stakeholders. It’s all about ‘shared values’ - the competitiveness of a company and the health of the community it operates in are mutually dependent. With our help your business can build a social value proposition into a corporate strategy that works for you and for your community.


LRD Win/Win CSR© is a process that will actively involve you and key members of your team. This is an opportunity to put past CSR activity under the microscope as well as analyse the effectiveness of existing and potential activity. Does it deliver successful outcomes for all parties - your business, your community and your staff?


The process will lead us to the presentation of a ‘win-win’ creative strategy that we could plan and manage on your behalf. 


We believe that companies that incorporate social responsibility into their business model can help a worthy cause and also help build their reputation.  


To find out more about LRD Win/Win CSR©  call Suzanne on 750490.