Brand building, boats and Breda TV 

It’s not often that you get an opportunity in your career to hurtle through the water on a boat that reaches around 68mph, but LRD creative, Duncan jumped at the chance!

As part of our continuing relationship with the Breda brand, we were asked to come up with more ways to raise profile, but on a budget. When budgets are smaller, one way to get value for money is promoting the brand online. Through this, Breda TV was born. 

Building upon the local brand and emphasising Breda as the 'national' lager of Guernsey, we enjoyed coming up with some funny short films, but when the match was made between Breda and the sponsorship of the Slayer Powerboat team, this was the perfect shoot.

One Thursday evening in July, James was in video-techie-heaven managing seven cameras; five Go-pros and two SLRs and attaching them to the boat. With the help of Hugo, a young talented filmmaker on work experience, everything was set.

A few weeks of planning and preparation made the whole thing run smoothly (filming-wise that is, not for Duncan!) and we’re really pleased with the result!