It’s ‘drinks all round’ for creative designers Duncan Harrison, Duncan Wilkinson and Martyn Brown who have studied all year before attaining IPA Foundation certificates. Congratulations also to account manager Hannah Willson who passed her IPA Commercial Certificate.

‘The IPA is widely recognised as the world’s most influential professional body for practitioners in advertising and marketing communications,’ says LRD Managing Director Tom Robertshaw.

“The IPA Foundation Certificate is an award-winning and internationally-recognised programme which provides professionals of all levels with an essential overview of all areas of advertising. Not only does the programme educate staff but it gives real confidence to clients who have hired an IPA registered agency. Our team has a professional understanding of all aspects of the industry and they are able to pass on this knowledge and offer more value to clients.’

Out of the 10,000-plus agencies operating in the UK, only 10 per cent are IPA members, but it is this 10 per cent that handles more than 85% of total ad spend.