GDA - We All Matter, Eh? 


The Guernsey Disability Alliance (GDA) has been making a lot of noise over the last year with their ‘We All Matter, Eh?’ Campaign.

With the Transport Strategy up for debate in the States in April 2014, the GDA did not want to miss the opportunity to highlight the transport issues faced by disabled islanders. 

LRD were asked to produce videos highlighting the transport challenges of disabled people: all within a two-week timeframe. We set to work immediately with Donna, Peter, Sarah-Jayne and Maria to present their stories and were really pleased with the results! Here’s Peter’s story above, but to see all the videos visit www.matter.gg/transport.

The four videos had over 1,000 views on YouTube and were an integral part of the campaign. Clips from the videos featured on local radio and TV. 

On 14th May 2014, the Transport Strategy was passed with the proposals directly relating to disabled islanders carried unanimously. We like to think that hearing the voices of the GDA members helped with this decision!