LRD has reached the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) standard as a member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

The IPA's CPD scheme encourages member agencies to provide development opportunities for staff, across departments and disciplines. It is designed by the industry’s top professional body to ensure skills; knowledge and experience always match clients' needs. It is mandatory for IPA members to meet the required standard for CPD annually.

Our Managing Director Tom Robertshaw says the accreditation is a strong indication for existing and prospective clients of the agency’s investment and commitment to its staff’s professional development and to provide added value through increased knowledge and skills:

‘Out of the 10,000-plus agencies operating in the UK, only 10 per cent are IPA members. It is this 10 per cent that handles more than 85% of total ad spend. LRD achieved the required criteria for membership at the start of 2016, but there are strict standards that all agencies must adhere to.  

‘All clients want the best people working on their accounts, and to feel confident that their agency’s knowledge and thinking is ‘of the moment’. With the current digital revolution, our industry is moving so fast that everyone needs to be up to speed with the latest tools and techniques. The IPA's CPD programme fits well with our learning culture at LRD, and our staff have embraced it whole-heartedly. We are delighted to have reached the required standard and look forward to continuing our team's development.’