By Joyce Kelso, Non-executive Director at LRD. 

LRD joined the Institute for Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) at the beginning of 2016. Our membership of this elite body means we have a wealth of industry knowledge and fantastic expertise at our fingertips which can help us research and plan successful campaigns.

Best advertising industry training in the world

But, we believe the most important thing is it throws open the doors to the best advertising industry training in the world. This means we have a fantastic opportunity to train our team members and can put highly qualified people to work on your account.

At LRD we believe our biggest asset is the intellectual creativity and ingenuity that we bring to our clients’ business. The quality of our thinking not only adds value to our clients’ brands but also to our own business.

From the top down we recognise the importance of creating and driving a culture of continuous professional development. And it really works.

Retaining the very best talent

By investing in training we can attract, nurture and retain the very best talent to work on your campaigns. This is particularly important as our young people are the future of our industry, and we are always looking for ways to inspire and motivate them to achieve excellence.

But this isn’t entirely altruistic. We know there is a strong link between levels of investment in people and financial performance and our business health and profitability is important to us. Last year the IPA commissioned research to determine whether there is a correlation between business investment in CPD and agency profitability and the evidence is compelling.

IPA research

  • Agencies that invest more in training have greater levels of income growth than their competition.
  • The more that agencies invest in CPD hours, the faster they are likely to grow.
  • Agencies who invest most heavily in IPA training average 26% growth compared to only 14% for all agencies.*

Investment in our people is a ‘must do’ for LRD.  It is testament that the better the people, the better the work, the better the business.

*Source IPA 2015