Aurigny has as many as 9 flights to London each day. That’s impressive. So, when a rival airline promoted it’s Southampton service as a better alternative route into London, we very nearly fell off our stools. And having regained our composure we wrestled with some elementary principles of geography. 

In reality, no airline serves the capital better than Aurigny.

From A to B without the S. London via London. Our campaign ran across radio, press and digital channels and set about putting the record straight, reminding the market why Aurigny are the only carrier that can truly claim to be the London airline. And at the same time pointing out to our airline rivals that Southampton just ain’t London.

Over the campaign period Aurigny London bookings increased. And the bigger picture is… 2015 so far has seen 10% growth in London Gatwick, 20% growth in London Stansted and London City (still a fairly new route) climbing to more than 20,000 passengers.