Ultra-precise digital targeting  

LRDs sophisticated digital strategy has paid significant dividends for Aurigny. 


Smart online prospecting techniques have enabled us to track down people that have similar behaviours to those already booking with Aurigny. And using Google insights, we’ve determined seasonal consumer buying behaviour in the short haul destination travel categories. Pay Per Click (PPC) alone generated over 15.3 million impressions in a recent campaign. 


State of the art socio-demographic and Target Group Index (TGI) media profiling helped us match Guernsey with a broadcast medium delivering big audience exposure cost-effectively. So, in partnership with The Telegraph newspaper (offline and digital formats) the airline was placed before an audience of 2.3 million daily. 


Facebook has rapidly grown to that of a low cost broadcast medium, accessing 35 million UK users. LRD’s latest online campaign ‘to make memories you have to be there’ stretched some creative muscle, using a cutting-edge movie technique that delivers nearly x6 click through rates (CTR) against a still image alternative. 



And all the while, Aurigny’s Facebook community has grown, publishing regular destination posts and seductive last-minute offers. ‘Fans’ went from zero to nearly 7,000 in a very short space of time. 



Several good reasons to make LRD your destination for digital activity. Start the conversation.