Guernsey’s family department store Creasey’s was anxious that it might be losing touch with a younger audience despite having access to many leading international youth brands. Though research confirmed this, it also became very clear that the store carried merchandise that had caught the eye, it was as if they just hadn't explored enough. How could we encourage our target to give Creasey’s further viewings?


We adopted #beSurprised as a mantra not just for marketing, but also as a challenge for store buyers and store presentation.


Loyal, core customers found the new approach refreshing and the younger market responded very positively too. Creasey’s has repositioned itself as the store for a new generation of customers. The injected youthful feel to the brand with strong colours, bold lifestyle photography, a playful positive outlook and the use of the hashtag has re-invigorated the store.


Our work includes a new website, in-store signage, internal communications, advertising, POS, online activity; and the launch and on-going communications of their loyalty scheme.