Jersey Electricity

A significant number of Jersey Elecricity customers pay their quarterly bills by Direct Debit. But there are many who have been reluctant to make the move from paying by cheque or cash... old habits die hard! Barriers to change are the perceived hassle of signing-up and the matter of online security.


In making the switch there are benefits to both customer and the environment. For Jersey Electrcity, sending ebills rather than posting a paper copy makes a saving that is happily passed on to customers making the change. There is also the environmental benefit of paperless transactions.


The key obstacle is time given to the signing-up process and the utility has worked hard at being imaginative in making this process as simple as possible. More recently a new telephone service has been introduced to guide potential ‘switchers’ speedily through the journey of change. 


The agency used man’s best friend to introduce the new service through a digital and magazine ad campaign. ‘Dog & Bone’ has proved to be very successful in generating a consistent stream of conversions.