As new kids on the block, Dorey Financial Modelling tasked us with raising their profile as the number one choice for financial risk modelling in offshore and UK markets. Get these guys noticed and kick start discussions with potential clients.



The fact is Dorey Financial Modelling was doing groundbreaking research, which was not very well know amongst the industry key movers and shakers. Business was good, even busy, but on viewing the existing client portfolio, most were project based, so there was a requirement to maintain current clients, but expand further into larger offshore markets, making new connections with government and building brand reputation.


Dorey Financial Modelling see what others do not see, they reveal and predict through trends and financial reporting. 


It was felt that an intelligent and sophisticated, highly targeted direct mail would grab the attention of the CEOs and key businesspeople to initiate discussions and create that ‘foot in the door’ for new business.



Now, this was a real ‘light bulb moment’ that would place Dorey Financial Modelling as ‘Independent. Luminaries. Enlightening’. 


It took some hunting down but we found a company that offered specialised UV printing that was used to create an interactive brochure with a branded UV light. Combined with beautifully branded boxes the mailings were sent out in batches to Dorey Financial Modelling’s ‘top targets’. 


Within a week of sending out the first mailings, Dorey Financial Modelling received  positive responses, and two new business meetings. An initial 10% return on its effectiveness. With more mailings due to be sent out in early 2015 we anticipate even greater return.


How many of those recipients spent time playing with the torch afterwards we’ll never know…