The latest LRD-eGambling partnership project and most definitely the largest campaign that we’ve ever delivered has just aired on national TV. Working collaboratively with our LRD-eGambling Partners - the talented guys at Ponderosa and the clever fellows at John Ayling & Associates we have delivered a sector changing UK campaign for Genting.

Genting are one of the world’s biggest and best known casino brands who operate over 40 casinos nationwide and have launched one of the most progressive online casino offerings.
Shot over three very hot and sticky nights on and high above the streets of Kuala Lumpur, the birthplace of this global brand, our ad follows THE PLAYER, a fictional character. Played by Charlie Gardner, fresh from a recent role in Ridley Scott’s Martian, the ad follows the player around this amazing far eastern cityscape. Interspersed with iconic casino images of chips, cards and roulette wheels and supported throughout by the hard edged CryBabyCry soundtrack, we hear the player share his thoughts and reflections on his gaming ethos and attitudes as a serious casino player.
Our creative approach deliberately turned its back on the homogenised neon flashing, gimmicky attention seeking online gaming ad landscape and instead through research delved into the minds, attitudes and behaviours of the most important people in any casino...the players. 
We set out to encapsulate how they really felt about playing. Our research told us that for them it’s not all about winning. It’s about the opportunity to test their theories and game strategies to beat the house. Honing these skills gives them the greatest thrill. They understand they won’t win all the time, but they expect, through their ability, that they will eventually come out on top.
It was truly a team effort and 10 months in the making. LRD, Ponderosa, Genting and our Malaysian production company (not to mention a cast featuring over 50 extras) worked hard through the night to shoot this commercial. Take a look at our Making Of film to see how it was done.
The LRD-eGambling partnership in addition to creating and producing the TV campaign, planning and buying the media also produced the supporting digital collateral and the in club marketing material across 40 UK casinos that accompany this epic campaign.
Early data shows that players are really relating to the creative approach with substantial increases in web traffic and registrations to
The LRD-eGambling Partnership is a ‘best of breed’, full service agency offering for the Alderney regulated gambling industry. A genuine alternative to London (and London prices) it brings together proven expertise and reflects the jurisdiction’s No1 status for eGambling.