For most business’, digital communication is vital. Yet for an online casino whose target audience already has an average of 12 online betting accounts, the importance of regular and engaging communication becomes even more fundamental.


For our client, Genting Casinos, the task of attracting players, prolonging their interest and generating loyalty within such a fickle market is a never-ending challenge. Over the last 12 months we have been tasked with evaluating and re-designing the way that Genting communicates with their customer base across a host of digital channels. The aim; to remind customers and give them new reasons why they should be playing with Genting and, of course, to help them acquire new players. 


With 51% of tablet owners and 43% of smartphone owners reporting to gamble using their device we know that Genting’s audience is on the move. Therefore all our creative has been designed to meet the player’s expectation of an optimal viewing experience on any device. 


The LRD team are heavily involved from idea conception through to copywriting, creative design and building digital communications on a daily basis. With a clear communication strategy devised and a packed promotional schedule now in place, the positive results on email response rates, average player lifespan and average player value are being felt. 


CRM Strategy

Email design and build

Bespoke landing pages and splash pages

Online registration forms

Animated banner suites

Pay-per-click advertising

On-site advertising

App store content and branding

SMS messaging

Social media ads 

TV advertising

Video-on-demand advertising