Guernsey Athletics

Having nurtured the likes of Dale Garland, Lee Merrien, Kylie Robillard to international recognition, Guernsey Athletics is definitely on Great Britain’s radar. However, the club has struggled to compete with team sports in attracting gifted athletes and also had difficulty in securing corporate sponsorship. 

To encourage a new wave of sign-ups and bring the 70 year old logo up-to-date, LRD was tasked to give the brand a refresh.

With a proud local history and a dynamic leadership team that is behind some of the island’s most popular community events, the logo needed to reflect the gold standard ambitions of local athletics. 

The result, a logo that sets the pace both on-island and off-island, standing confidently alongside the island’s bigger sports.

We can’t wait to see the roll-out of the brand in the coming months. 

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