Guernsey Post


To demonstrate the effectiveness and power of direct mail and specifically the Guernsey Post Door2Door service. Encourage local advertisers to consider the service as part of their marketing efforts.


Not only does the Guernsey Post service provide a reach and exposure that’s a serious alternative to TV, Press and Radio. But research highlighted that creativity in direct mail can not only quickly engage an audience but also equally effective in encouraging them into taking immediate action.


Got ya!

An engaging communication that provided a first hand experience of the power of the direct mail.

Our 3D glasses generated the necessary intrigue for advertisers to go online and view a 3D video selling the benefits of direct mail.

They had effectively experienced the power of direct mail and were encouraged to adopt the channel for their own marketing 

Our glasses mailing was followed up with a 3D postcard as a reminder.

Interest, enquiries and bookings of the Door2Door service increased as a result.