Insurance Corporation

The Healthcare Bursary is a classic example of how corporate Guernsey can work together with States departments to better the lives of local people by supplying funding where government is unable.


Open to all HSSD staff the annual competition encourages them to explore projects that enhance health and social care provision in the islands and receive the funding to make them a reality.


Now in it’s 25th year, the Bursary has helped a number of projects, one of which, “The Decider’ - a tool that helped young adults with mental health therapies - has reached national status and is being rolled out in the UK. This would never have happened without the original support for the initiative by Insurance Corporation and over £75,000 in total has been donated to the various projects over the years. 


LRD’s role he’s been from event management and public relations to providing brand development and video creative which has made the project what it is today. 


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