JE Confused Campaign

Energy producing utilities are constantly seeking a competitive advantage when it comes to heating space and water, especially on price. But in recent years the sector has become as complex as the telecommunications market, with more packages and promotions than ever before. Comparing apples, with pears and ugly fruit has made it impossible to do a realistic and fair comparison.

However, what is crystal clear is that islanders have no idea what price they’ll pay until the oil delivery has been made. It’s extremely volatile. And recent banding changes have made the price of gas a bit of a mystery too. And it’s worth throwing in here that with oil and gas boilers being less than electric’s 100% efficient, it makes the whole thing even more complex.

LRD were called in to produce a campaign that would not only highlight the simplicity of electric tariffs, but also to point out that the price has remained static since April 2014 and will stay that way until 2018 at the very earliest.

To support this initiative, Jersey Electricity adopted the URL taking the prospect to a full online explanation.

The creative execution included a seasonal execution specifically for the Christmas.

The message in this campaign is strong and very simple – switch to the simplicity of electricity!