Smart Kids, Smart Energy


Electricity is the smart energy of the future. It’s clean, efficient, better for the environment and sustainable unlike fossil fuels which will one day be exhausted. The world already has electric cars, but what else will be powered by electricity in the coming decades?


To find out we introduced Jersey Electricity to our successful kids campaign big idea formula.


To celebrate Eco Schools Energy Month and to engage and educate the local community in the benefits of electricity, we transformed hundreds of local primary school children into eco ‘big thinkers’ by asking them to generate designs for an electric future.


We conducted an online voting process through a dedicated Facebook page that attracted thousands of votes. The winning category designs (along with our headlines) formed the basis for print and banner advertising with an overall winner receiving a trip for the whole class to visit the Science Museum in London. A great time was had by all.


A formal presentation to category winners was given at Jersey Electricity HQ where Mr Smart made his first public appearance... much to the excitement of all the children at the event.