Part of the Jersey Electricity Group of companies, JEBS has been trading for several decades as a building services provider supplying design, installation and maintenance services to domestic and commercial customers. JEBS has the largest pool of skilled, fully qualified electricians, plumbers and water systems technicians in Jersey.

When faced with the task of producing a new look for an established brand, the brief was to give the company a more independent look, without losing some of its attachment to the trusted utility. The abbreviated name was introduced, but the secondary colour pallet from the mother brand was retained.

To capture the breadth of services that JEBS provided, LRD set about creating a logo that was multi-faceted, hence the hexagon. But perhaps the most familiar representation of the brand to its market is the company’s fleet of vehicles - moving billboards on island roads. The orange certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

JEBS also embraced the idea of creating an unlikely looking ‘tradesman’s van’ to introduce the new brand through advertising and online activity. Once again, this accentuated the multi-faceted nature of the operation.

Look out for the fleet on island roads.