Jersey Electricity


Don’t you just love it when a good idea comes together one day and when you look at it again the following day, it’s still a good idea. And every day thereafter it’s still feels good.


Jersey Electricity Plc is extremely proud of its green credentials. A significant proportion of the island’s imported electricity from the European Grid comes from hydro-electric sources. The economics stack up nicely, with the cost of electricity to island consumers close to being the cheapest in Europe. With this in mind, the utility has once again invested heavily in laying new subsea cabling to ensure supply. That’s why the connection from the French coast at Surville to Archirondel on the north east corner of Jersey is so vital. And that energy carrying cable has to be resilient. 


And so to the good idea.


This year’s brief for the front cover of the Annual Report & Accounts was simple.  Feature the successful installation of Normandie 1 - the name given to the cable link. It’s fair to say that the cover is one of LRD’s prime annual creative tasks and has been over the past six years. Several concepts were hatched, but when we birthed the eventual design we sensed it was a winner. And we salute the client who not only selected this execution but also loved it as much as we do.


The story has an even happier ending. Normandie 1 began importing power to Jersey at 3.17pm on 1 December 2016.