In the brand development work LRD undertook for Lancaster Trustees it was important to get under the business’s skin, identify who they were and discover what made them different. We wanted to emphasise their unique qualities by developing a look and feel that, like their business, is a deliberate alternative to the way large financial corporations operate. 


The brand discovery process taught us that the Lancaster way of doing business places the client at the centre of the operation. With that in mind, we introduced a fulcrum into the middle of their new group logo as, by definition, it resembles the pivotal and essential role Lancaster plays in managing client assets.


Lancaster is a people organisation that focuses on personal service and cultivating relationships with clients. We therefore developed their website and brochure to reflect this by abandoning the formulaic corporate speak in favour of a magazine style, written in the first person by the company’s directors. This sold the Lancaster personality and philosophy rather than presenting them as a faceless corporate entity.  We commissioned bespoke photography to create a further point of difference. The result: A genuinely fresh approach applied within an overcrowded fiduciary marketplace. 


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