Les Choix Consulting


We’re used to working with start-ups, so when Viv Roussel of Les Choix Consulting approached us to give her budding emotional intelligence coaching company a new look and logo, we were more than happy to help.


Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as EI, is at the heart of people development. It is a method used by coaches to encourage clients to build up on their own self-awareness and awareness of others - the new branding had to capture this benefit - Les Choix helps clients to release their potential.


Like a dandelion seed, which is blown to and fro by the wind, the ups and downs of life can affect all manner of areas such as family, business, friendships etc. Les Choix Consulting is there to help you with those ‘choices’ and what you choose to respond to.

The branding has been rolled out to business cards and various stationery