Lovell Ozanne, one of the longest-running and most successful architectural practices in the islands, had been quiet on the marketing front for a while. Meanwhile, its competitors had been busy shouting loudly from the rooftops - it was time to get the Lovell Ozanne voice heard again. 


The process began with an LRD Brand Discovery day. We identified a passionate business ‘drawing on intelligence’ in pursuit of that critical balance of functionality and ground-breaking design. This featured strongly when designing the website, focusing on technical features and flourishes that reflect the company’s attention to detail, whilst ultimately enhancing the user experience.


From engaging content to a series of memorable ads, we successfully created a window into the world of Lovell Ozanne, highlighting the value of their years of experience and intelligence. Crucially, this direction and exposure place them back in their rightful place as the architectural business that others choose to emulate.