Rocq Capital is a new business formed as a result of a management buyout of Edmond de Rothschild in Guernsey. LRD were tasked with developing the new brand and injecting modernity into what had previously been an ‘old school’ private banking institution.


We had a blank sheet of paper. We needed to capture the quality and excellence that had existed within Edmond de Rothschild but create something that would have an impact on the market place. Rocq Capital was a new brand that would have to work hard to establish itself against recognisable competitors so they needed us to develop something distinctive and durable.


After lengthy discussions with the Rocq directors we unearthed the key factors that form the foundations of the Rocq Capital approach; having the right personnel, improving the growth of investments and relationships and engaging with stakeholders globally. These, when combined with precision, were recognised to be the formula for prosperity and it is these elements that we captured using an engaging animation on the home page. 


To effectively develop a brand it is important to express its personality through words as well as its visual content. What you say and how you say it is the ‘tone of voice’ and we effectively positioned Rocq Capital to be articulate, intelligent, confident, professional and precise. 


Logo creation website design and build


Branded merchandise