Integrating a large global online gambling business into a small island community requires sensitivity. It’s not simply about winning the approval of islanders, it’s about being an attractive career alternative to the island’s finance industry. Top brands need top staff to be successful.

The company relocated to the Bailiwick because of the high standard of regulation and the excellent reputation of Alderney. Nevertheless Sportingbet operates in an industry sector that can draw bad press in a conservative environment, especially among the anti-gambling lobby.

With the support of LRD, Sportingbet quickly embedded itself into the community, developing its standing as a good corporate citizen through local sporting sponsorships of some major events. And a willing and enthusiastic staff were motivated to participate in sports activities heightening profile and winning favourability.

As a consequence, recruitment of high caliber and specialist staff became an easier task. And Sportingbet was rapidly acknowledged as an integral player in island life.